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General tips for Survey Design

Keep it simple

make the survey easy for respondents as it affects the participation rate

be aware that some of them might be non-native speakers;

do not use industry specific terms that the respondents may not be aware of; use the respondents’ core vocabulary

use grammatical simplicity


Keep it short

Do not use more that 10-15 question as your goal is to send these surveys in an on-going manner; thus you will be able to locate trends and changes; by keeping it brief you will avoid high abandonment rate


Keep your entailed promises

Measure factors you only have control over; it is worthless asking for features that you know you do not have the capability to influence

Avoid being ambiguous. For example the question: “ Is XYA CO. good?” can be interpreted as “the company has good skills” or as “the company is morally ethical”


Select a relevant sample size

This should be only your customers; in addition you can sub-divide them into different panels so that you can discern the differences between them and convey further juxtaposition. For example: males vs. females; people under 30 vs. people above; undergraduates vs. graduates, single vs. married, etc.


Beware of the “SHOULD NOTS” of question wording; the question should not

Assume criteria that are not obvious

Be beyond the respondent’s ability or experience

Use  a specific example to represent a general case

Request the respondent to recall specifics when only generalities will be remembered

Require the respondent to make a generalization

Ask for details that cannot be related

Use words that overstate the condition

Have ambiguous wording

Be “double-barreled” (for example the question: “Are our prices and service competitive?” asks for two variable in one question assuming that the answer will be the same which is definitely not necessarily true)

Lead the respondent to a particular answer

Have “loaded” wording or phrasing


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